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 Interesting comment from the writers in this article . It does make me wonder what a new writer will bring to the characters. Thats oen thing about Amazing Grace, the writer really knew how to flesh out a number of key characters.

“[Edmond] is always looking out for Peter and he doesn’t really get the credit he deserves…” say Skandar Keynes of his character Edmund. “One of the recurring themes is how he is helping Peter out and Peter is just kind of ignoring him.”

And with Edmund’s character arc so severe in the first film, the writers struggled to figure out how to handle his character in this second film.

“We were always worried about Edmund because … he fixed the most about himself in the first movie,” says McFeely. “So it would be unfair to him and the audience to make him a little crud muffin at the beginning of this movie. So then what do you do, you start with a character that’s pretty noble and has a good head on his shoulders?” Edmund instead of being a character in need of redemption for his treachery, becomes a great little action hero. In addition to getting a key role in the main action sequence, Keynes gets several fun bits of comic relief that prove him to be both witty and endearing.

I think Skandar woudl have a bone to pick with Will about this quote

You're known as a master of practical jokes. Any favorites that you pulled on the set?

"Actually, one I planned had a happy ending. We were in New Zealand and I heard about this incredible bungee jump. And so I said to Skandar Keynes who plays Edmund Pevensie, 'I'm going to do the jump.' Skandar has this incredible fear of heights, but he went, 'I want to do it too but I don't have the money.' So I called his bluff and offered to pay because I thought it would be funny to watch him lose his nerve." Skandar was positively green when he jumped. But afterwards I've never seen him so happy."

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